Tuesday, May 18, 2010

midnite cafe illusion

I approached a lovely lady she was the finest thing
at the cafe blue midnite reading and carrying on,
I speak to her she looks at me and completely
ignores, me! I shook it off she was too stuck up..

So I went to sit down wit a grumpy ole frown, then heaven
walked in, in the color of chocolate moca brown, wit her coke
bottle frame, booty insane,but the face of goddess I cant believe
it,im goin insane.

She catches me staring or should i said happily glaring, she smiles and waves,
I catch butterflies, lazy legs, cotton mouth all in one day!! but I gotta be brave!
I gotta get up ask the nubian queen her name, i took a deep breathe i approached her as she got done odering her coffee,

I spok "how you doin miss lady whats your name" she said "Ta'naya but you can call me NayNay babay",I smile at her even harder an spoke once again "well may i have your number we can go out sometime ?" she looks at me an thinks and gives me the digits an walks wit a booty that look like its packed wit too little midgets, I Watched and Watched as my future boo was walking way but den i woke up out my sleep and realized

it was her facebook page ....

This is dedicated to a amazing woman keep fly and keep it real always

Soul Woman

A strong soul dented damaged, wants to be left alone , in another life , thought, time zone , no mere person can compare because they don't have the beauty ,smarts, strength of this soul , this soul wants to be happy by herself before she's happy with a another soul , tears, let downs, lies after lies ,deception at its highest degree one encounter after another but the soul endures and becomes stronger ,wiser,better more definite an complete understandin,it needs no counterpart to be happy just satisfaction with life itself and accomplish what god has meant for the soul to do an that's succeed and trust in him. The soul then becomes a woman ellegant , educated, sexy knows now anyone who's with her is lucky to be graced by her presence her flyness, this soul ,this woman is a queen,An demands to be treated that way,its a soul who grew old and into perfect mold into gods role to become a full fledge Woman,A Soul woman
This soul woman now has her own buisness, degrees, accolades, now she is a mentor to help another soul grow mold be a queen or king teach lifes lessons,trails,tribulations,and make sure they know in god they can do all things...she knows these things because she was a Soul who grew old into perfect mold into gods role to become a full fledge woman, A soul Woman
She becomes a Grandmother she looks back on here life an smiles knowing she has done things she had never imagined in a million years but then again she knows she had it in her to do great things, she crys now not out sadness but joy for her life was a fulfilling one, for she could look in the mirror an say she loved herself , she just understood she was a soul who grew old into perfect mold into gods role to become a full fledge woman,A soul woman

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

am i still

Do i still got it,do i still have the appeal. am i fine sexy fresh fly or am i just ok? Im not the pretty boys, im not the superstars im me, strong,smart.full life and personality, willing to give the world and more..am still sexy am i i hope so i really do.........am istill fine to you? i stay fresh at least i believe i do hahhaha let me kno if i dont? well just let me kno am i

Sunday, August 9, 2009

fairytale love

To wake up and feel butterflies in your stomach when you hear someone's voice is a gift from god.Its such a blessing to have someone to when you see them it brightens your day. To be able to have someone in your life who makes forget about all your problems and issues and makes you focus on completely what you have with that person its amazing. I have this fairytale like love and relationship with a woman who is utterly in one word in my eyes astonishing,She walks with such grace,pride,and beauty.

The Report of Treason to Quiting

I breathe hard, im tired, out of breathe but i gotta keep running, I dont want it to catch me.Its caught to many of my loved ones and friends , its ruined there lifes turned them into drug addicts, killed them and has sent some to jail. Its brought poverty, broken homes , lost dreams. This monster that thinks its goin to ruin me got another thing coming because i gotta couple of friends in my heart called determination,drive,faith. Determination to finish what ive started a drive to pursue my dreams an the faith in god that I can do anything through him.With those three I'll never get caught so go somewhere else monster also known as quiting because ill never join your kind, not ever because to quit on my self my dreams,goals , and the woman.I love would be treason to life its self so you can go infect someone else.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My apology letter to Time

I am so sorry! do we ever learn I guess not, we abuse you by forgetting your lessons and the past ,as we repeat terrible deeds, we take you for granted because we waste you,we complain you don't give enough ,but you have so much,you even in special situations you slow down our good moments that take our breathe away, but yet we still complain it wasn't enough, really at the bottom of my heart ,I'm sorry! For society has never stop to appriciate you for what you really are , precious. Precious in everyway, you can't be duplicated ,because trust if you be could we would, we definately can't stop you from bein you "fast as fuck" or "way to Slow" but really you've always been just right an we haven't notice because were too busy worrying about hooking up an appreciating "moment" knowing you hooked us up in the first place hahaha but anyhow I wanna say I'm sorry. No! We're sorry Society us people owes you an apology an we promise ...hmmmm we'll no I promise i'll use you better just please don't make good moments move from me... were good friends an we kick it a lot , oh tell sad tymes I don't wanna see that muthafucka

Your admirer, shoppinbag devy

P.s.-make sure age slows his ass down lmao

Saturday, January 17, 2009

money funny baloney

People,live ,they die, they complain, whine,there ungrateful never happy wit themselves there money obsessed its disgusting to me really it is. People just talk bout its money over bitches yet they put people over money everryday hypocrites of there motto,people always sayin they ona money chase but still have nothin to show for it jus live in the ghetto no house no car no land no education no goals if they do have goals there not pusuin just livin the cycle of a pathetic life who fronts and flaunts what they don't have.... especially on myspace,facebook any online place for friends and networkin. I don't understand why in the hell why someone would be a myspace ceeleb ur not gettin paid I don't get it more power to u if u are. But enough bout that subject