Tuesday, May 18, 2010

midnite cafe illusion

I approached a lovely lady she was the finest thing
at the cafe blue midnite reading and carrying on,
I speak to her she looks at me and completely
ignores, me! I shook it off she was too stuck up..

So I went to sit down wit a grumpy ole frown, then heaven
walked in, in the color of chocolate moca brown, wit her coke
bottle frame, booty insane,but the face of goddess I cant believe
it,im goin insane.

She catches me staring or should i said happily glaring, she smiles and waves,
I catch butterflies, lazy legs, cotton mouth all in one day!! but I gotta be brave!
I gotta get up ask the nubian queen her name, i took a deep breathe i approached her as she got done odering her coffee,

I spok "how you doin miss lady whats your name" she said "Ta'naya but you can call me NayNay babay",I smile at her even harder an spoke once again "well may i have your number we can go out sometime ?" she looks at me an thinks and gives me the digits an walks wit a booty that look like its packed wit too little midgets, I Watched and Watched as my future boo was walking way but den i woke up out my sleep and realized

it was her facebook page ....

This is dedicated to a amazing woman keep fly and keep it real always

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